is not simply
to entertain

not just
a performance

not for applause

Dance is prayer
& meditation





Dance is
a celebration

of the joy (Anand)

of being alive

Dance can
connect us

to what is

in ourselves

and the world

Naperville TV17 Story on “Sacred” September 8 event

Naperville Community TV channel 17 covered our September 8 fundraising event, “Sacred.” Watch the video!

Thank you for helping us raise awareness of the CARE Center at Edward Hospital and its work helping child survivors of sexual abuse.

From the report:

“So the purpose of classical art in India is to find our inner value and nurture it and celebrate it and share it with the world. To see that same innate value with everyone and everything around us. And that’s what we do in the Care Center as well,” said Rangala. “When kids come in and they’re feeling really bad about themselves, feeling less than or inadequate we try to help them think about their own innate value, wake it up a little bit, and try to get them on the road to recovery.”